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15 Disember 2015 | 12:56 PTG | 08 Atashinchi

When I get to know about the benefits of glutathione, I quickly nail over it for supplements and skin care products. If you wonder what glutathione has to with skin whitening, they are the mother of all anti-oxidants and they help in reducing melanin production. 
Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream

‘Cathy Doll BB Body L-Glutathione Cream contains 30% more glutathione, and has whitening properties to brighten your skin. It also protects your skin from UV rays effectively (SPF 130 PA+++). Additionally, pore tightening is one of its special features and the sweet fragrance of the lotion is sure to be very attractive!’

The description is printed in Thai, English and Korean. Of course, I was able to only understand English. As much as I know, this helps to protect our skin with SPF130 and whitening especially dark spots. I’m not quite sure about the pore tightening, it’s rare to see from body products.

Cathy Doll L-Glutathione Magic Cream Ingredients

Glutathione is the second major ingredient which shows that it has a high percentage in the product. Tips: the higher percentage of the ingredient is always stated first in ingredients listing.The cute packaging doesn’t leave their professional of preserving the purity of the product. I never expect that it would come with seal.

The cream texture is quite runny and it is in white. This has to be applied sparingly as it could leave a great white cast over the skin. I apply the cream in dots all over my body and there are times it is quite tricky to blend it evenly. I could see uneven white patches if I don’t blend it thoroughly. Though it is mentioned that it has SPF130, it doesn’t leave my skin shiny or sticky.

One of the testimony I got from the internet.

Bee Venom Treatment
RM 50
AHA & Stem Cell Body Cream
Rm 26
Magic Cream Cathy Doll
RM 35
Aloe Vera Soap
RM 15
Aura Body Cream Gluta
RM 20

♥ Fungsi & Kelebihan L-Glutathione Magic Cream:
☆ Mengecilkan pori2
☆ Melembut dan melembab
☆ Memberi effect glowing
☆ Berkesan melindungi kemerahan & bintik2 hitam
☆ Menghilangkan warna kulit tak sekata dan kulit kusam
☆ Melindungi dan membantu mencerahkan kawasan gelap di badan seperti bawah lengan, celah peha dll.
☆ Menggunakan bahan natural seperti gluta, susu dan vitamin c, sesuai untuk semua jenis kulit
☆ 3x lebih cerah dan glowing hanya pada pertama kali pemakaian sahaja.
☆ Laris di Korea, Jepun dan China..Produk Halal dan sudah terjual di brunei, indonesia dan singapura.
☆ L-Glutathione Magic Cream memberi kesan wangian berpanjangan untuk pemakainya.
☆ Mampu menyelesaikan segala masalah kulit.


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